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With the gift of the Holy Spirit you really can change hearts and help someone to recognize the sound of Christ's v…
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RT @diocesanpriest: A reminder that we are each called to be "vocation directors". Have you invited someone to consider priesthood? #Thinki…
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RT @DeaconGregK: "Did you always want to be a priest?" Second graders have a lot of questions about vocations in their video meeting set up…
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RT @RoseSullivan86: Take time to pray today. How do you pray? Just remember its a conversation with God. #prayer #God #Catholic #meditation…
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RT @BishopCaggiano: When I was a boy, I was taught that God loved me. Through her words, actions, presence and forgiving heart, the one per…

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Our unique responsibility from participating bishops is to provide vocation directors with the expertise they can get nowhere else. The services that NCDVD provides to its members are guided by three foundational goals.

  1. Formation
  • We provide resources and programs that will assist members in becoming competent and effective in the promotion of vocations, assessment of candidates and formation of seminarians.
  • The training and support we give in the selection and screening of priestly candidates are not offered anywhere else in the Church in the United States.
  1. Support
  • We connect individual members to the collective knowledge, experience and wisdom of the Conference.
  • We help members find joy and spiritual fulfillment in their ministry.
  1. Advocacy
  • We represent the interests of diocesan vocation ministry and promote these interests with appropriate constituencies.
  • NCDVD has been instrumental in ​supporting diocesan priesthood both here in the United States, as well as, internationally. ​NCDVD continues to offer programs and resources to support discernment, such as our publications and the launch​