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6 hours ago
NCDVD @ncdvd
#NCDVD17 Good Morning! Confession, Adoration is in Galerie 2. Jesus is ready to welcome you. #BetterThanCoffee
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13 hours ago
NCDVD @ncdvd
Another day closes on #NCDVD17 we thank the Lord for His care and love. #ThinkingPriesthood.
1 day ago
NCDVD @ncdvd
Good Morning #NCDVD17. Is 7:00 am, join us in the Chapel for morning prayer, Adoration and confession. Start your…
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1 day ago
NCDVD @ncdvd
16 hours of daily Adoration at the #NCDVD17 conference. Are you praying for vocations?
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Programs and Resources

NCDVD offers a large array of vocation programing/resources such as:

Annual National Convention
Annual Silent Directed Retreat
Hispanic Workshop to support the discernment of Hispanic candidates
Creation of  new resources (videos, discernment booklets)
FaceBook and Twitter accounts
Reaching Out Wednesdays

With all of our programming, NCDVD  prides itself on offering material of the highest quality, allowing the participant to take back and incorporate into their respective diocese some of the concepts and programs that they have learned while either attending our annual convention, reading over our resource materials, or interacting on our social media sites.