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1 day ago
NCDVD @ncdvd
RT @RoseSullivan86: I am looking into the eyes of our bishops here at the @USCCB in Baltimore and my heart is full. I want to say to them:…
2 days ago
NCDVD @ncdvd
RT @joshjmac: @DioJeffCity Bishop McKnight told me that the Vatican's request for U.S. bishops to delay action on clergy abuse might indica…
2 days ago
NCDVD @ncdvd
RT @joshjmac: @DioJeffCity "I think there might be a cultural issue at play between the Holy See and the church in the United States," said…
2 days ago
NCDVD @ncdvd
RT @jdflynn: The bishops of Missouri have released a letter they sent to on Oct. 6 to +DiNardo, supporting the measures proposed by the USC…
2 days ago
NCDVD @ncdvd
RT @BishopCaggiano: Today, I ask for your prayers for the @USCCB meeting. I ask that you pray that the bishops and I have the courage, hone…

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A Ministry to the Whole Church

NCDVD not only has a positive impact of on the ministry of diocesan vocation directors but it brings something valuable to the entire Church.

  • When vocation personnel return to parish work they have a heightened interest in promoting vocations in the parish and diocese.
  • NCDVD is a major part of the solution to the problem of sexual abuse.  The training and support we give in the selection and screening of priestly candidates are not offered anywhere else in the Church in the United States.
  • NCDVD has been instrumental in ​supporting diocesan priesthood both here in the United States, as well as, internationally. ​NCDVD continues to offer programs and resources to support discernment, such as our publications and the launch​
  • An Advisory Board to NCDVD consisting of Bishops from across the United States allows for input and reflection on the goals and activities of NCDVD and provides an opportunity for substantive discussions on the state of diocesan priestly vocations.