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Configured to Christ: On Spiritual Direction and Clergy Formation

The best clerical formation today prepares men to be divinely loved in their humanity. In Configured to Christ: On Spiritual Direction and Clergy Formation, Deacon James Keating shares what makes a priest or deacon peaceful, personally happy, and—to the extent he keeps receiving the love of God in prayer as a man of interiority and sacrament—a minister of God’s love to his people.

This volume includes the following essays:

Part I: The Interior Life of the Cleric

  • Theology as Thinking in Prayer
  • Newman: Theologian of Prayer
  • I Will Not Leave You Orphans
  • Spiritual Direction: Navigate Your Life Toward God

Part II: The Formation of the Cleric

  • The Seminary and Western Culture: Relationships That Promote Recovery and Holiness
  • From Fantasy to Contemplation: Seminarians and Formation in a Paschal Imagination
  • Christ Is the Sure Foundation: Priestly Human Formation Completed in and by Spiritual Formation
  • Human Formation and Communion with Christ
  • Seminary Formation and Interior Silence
  • Beyond Schooling: Seminaries, Integral Formation, and the Role of Academics
  • Teaching Seminary Theology
  • Real Celibacy Is an Invitation from Divine Beauty
  • The Deacon: Identity and Holiness

Part III: The Pastoral Mission of the Cleric

  • Contemplative Homiletics
  • Contemplative Homiletics: Being Carried into Reality
  • Growing in Love of the Lay Life: Evangelizing Martyrs
  • Teaching Parishioners to Pray
  • The Eucharistic and the Healing of Affection for Sin

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