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NCDVD Resources Regarding COVID-19

  1. USCCB – http://usccb.org/about/communications/usccb-president-reflection-and-prayer-during-coronavirus.cfm

  2. Priests without People Fr. Paul D. Scalia   https://www.thecatholicthing.org/2020/03/22/priests-without-people/?fbclid=IwAR3sM7vml_7vjQLah5xkLbnPtVO3g4Hba4MFtue7P3IKPFBFP9-CHFRBvzY

  3.  Be still and know that I am God Fr. Mauro-Giuseppe Lepori        https://english.clonline.org/news/church/2020/03/16/be-still-and-know-that-i-am-god?fbclid=IwAR2ocIxAdDQFiUefsh9h27EmTV-ObpAkvAbAq9JL4CkRvTqfMlJ6Vw9i4gQ

  4. Pray, Hope, Don’t Worry: A Pandemic Parish Mission with the CFRs   https://www.facebook.com/friarsoftherenewal

  5. Live streamed Mass
    For those of us unable to attend daily Mass during this time of crisis, we can find grace and consolation by participating in livestreamed Masses. There are many available; here are two options:

    Daily Mass from Bishop Barron’s Chapel

    Daily Mass Mon-Fri 9:30 AM Eastern/6:30 AM Pacific & Saturday-Sunday 12 PM Eastern/9 AM Pacific

  6. Virtual Retreat with Cardinal Sean: https://www.bostoncatholic.org/virtual-retreat-cardinal-sean?fbclid=IwAR20x4kzAeWJLz5DOJuXINrgrStN5MYryhCilfV4orJOL75azs9FrkTDFg0

  7. How to address concerns with seminarians