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CD Resources

Fostering Vocations in US Born Hispanics (PPT)
Description: This is PowerPoint presentation on what we knew at the beginning of the workshop to reach US Born Hispanics.   Key points emphasized are: relationships, seeds of the gospel present in Hispanic culture, parallels to the time of the apparition of Our Lady of Guadalupe and Archbishop Patron Wong comments on promoting vocations to second generation Hispanics.
Suggested Use: with those who work very closely with vocation directors.
Creator: Rev. Jorge Torres
Language: English

La mies es mucha, pero los obreros son pocos: Building a Culture of Vocations in Hispanic Communities
: Presentation given at workshop in the national Alas y Raices Convention which gathers most of the national leaders from several branches that work with hispanics: directors of Hispanic ministry, Asociacion Nacional de Sacerdotes Hispanos, La RED, among others.
Suggested Use: It has great statistics in an easy to read format that range from Hispanics in the country to levels of education among Hispanics. It can lead to good discussions with leaders who are involved in the church.
Creators: Rev. John Guthrie and Rev. Jorge Torres developed and gave this presentation.
Language: English (although title begins in Spanish)

La mies es mucha, pero los obreros son pocos: Building a Culture of Vocations in Hispanic Communities
Description: A presentation given to the diocesan leaders of Juan XXIII (an apostolic lay movement). It the same presentation that was given to Raíces y Alas but in Spanish.
Suggested Use: Spanish speaking leaders.
Creators: Rev. John Guthrie and Rev. Jorge Torres developed it. Fr. Jorge translated it and also presented it.
Language: Spanish (with some English)

USCCB Office of Clergy

Meeting with Archbishop Patron Wong
Archbishop Patron Wong, secretary for seminaries at the Congregation for Clergy and a friend of NCDVD, met with Rose Sullivan and Fr. Jorge Torres to discuss the initiative to increase Hispanic vocations in the US. In the first part Fr. Jorge and Rose Sullivan present to the archbishop the several dynamics facing Hispanics in the US and the second part is Archbishop Patron’s response.
Suggested Use: A way to inspire people to begin the journey.
Creators: Archbishop Patron Wong, Fr. Jorge Torres, Mrs. Rosemary Sullivan.
Language: English

An Introduction to Frameworks for Building Intercultural Competence
Description: A presentation given by Alejandro Aguilera- Titus at two of the workshops. It is a way to name the different dynamics that affect exchange of people from two or more cultures.
Suggested Use: It is necessary to have a time of self-reflection as individual, group, office in order to name the values at work in ourselves and diocesan entities before we engage the other culture.
Creator: Mr. Alejandro Aguilera-Titus
Language: English

Promoción Vocacional del Movimiento Juan XXIII
Description: A talk prepared for those attending Juan XXIII. It seeks to show that while it is ideal for a priest or religious to speak about a religious vocation a lay person inviting participants during a retreat is wonderful.
Suggested Use: with leaders to help them develop talks for their apostolic movements, youth groups etc..
Creator: Alejandro Alcantar
Language: Spanish

Questions to Consider
: Assessing, evaluating the readiness of vocational directors, diocese, parish, youth ministry, apostolic lay movements, schools, discernment process, seminaries in receiving Hispanics.
Suggested Use: with leaders and an honest assessment would take about a year to do it well.
Creator: Jorge Torres
Language: English

Role of the Family in Nurturing Vocations: A Survey of Seminarians and Religious
: Appendix II is the section focused specifically on diocesan priests and seminarians.
Suggested Use: Pages 122/3 identifies the important family religious practices in Hispanic households.
Creator: CARA
Language: English

Dr. Hosffman Ospino: Video
Description: A talk that gives an overview of Hispanic presence in the US.
Suggested Use: with leaders in promotional material to motivate them to attend a meeting.
Creator: Dr. Hosffman Ospino
Language: English. (Spanish version is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zrqw370Ix6A)

Vocations SP Brochure (PDF)
Description: A brochure to distribute to Spanish speakers about vocations. It is ready to use as is on a national event.
Suggested Use: adapt it to your diocese.
Creator: Rev. Jorge Torres, translated from Diocese of Arlington.
Language: Spanish

Workshop on Hispanic Catholics and Vocations
: It summarizes what we know about Hispanics Catholics, debunks myths, names important trends that might help vocation directors to focus on Hispanics discernment and recruitment when working with Hispanics, can seminaries be Hispanic serving institutions.
Suggested Use: vocation directors and those who work closely
Creator: Dr. Hosffman Ospino
Language: English

Things That are Working / Things That Need to be Strengthened (PDF)
Description: At each one of the workshop one of questions was what is working in reaching out to Hispanic candidates and what needed to be strengthened.  This list is one that can help evaluate where the vocation director, office is currently and what could be strengthened.  Naturally the person using it will need to name what is a strength and what is weakness for his/her own circumstance.
Suggested use: with those close to vocations to discern the goals for the next year.
Intended Audience: Workshop participants
Language: English