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6 days ago
NCDVD @ncdvd
Do you love Christ enough to say YES Lord I will answer your call. Discernment involves trust, openness, wisdom, c…
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23 days ago
NCDVD @ncdvd
RT @McGivneyFest: We join Crossroads for Christ in praying for a new outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the whole Church with holy vocations…
25 days ago
NCDVD @ncdvd
RT @29sonski: Tomorrow on FOCUS, @RoseSullivan86 of @ncdvd talks priestly and religious vocations. Tune in at 12:30 pm ET to 1350 AM in CT/…
44 days ago
NCDVD @ncdvd
Pope approves 7 new invocations to Litany of St. Joseph - Vatican News
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47 days ago
NCDVD @ncdvd
RT @RoseSullivan86: Desire to love God as much as Saint Catherine of Siena did.

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