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3 days ago
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RT @KofC: Today, Patrick Kelly begins his tenure as the Order’s 14th supreme knight, leading the K of C around the world in our mission of…
11 days ago
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RT @Yolimalintzin: #Martyrs 1/Bl. Fr. Jerzy Popiełuszko was born in Okopy, #Poland on Sept. 14, 1947. A frail and shy child, Popieluszko ad…
13 days ago
NCDVD @ncdvd
As you begin each day anew, first give thanks to God before your feet even touch the ground!
14 days ago
NCDVD @ncdvd
The Lord sees YOU. The Lord hears YOU. The Lord loves YOU. The Lord is calling YOU. Answer Him.
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15 days ago
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Have you spoken with God lately? He is always ready to listen.

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