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17 days ago
NCDVD @ncdvd
RT @diocesanpriest: And with Morning Prayer prayed the 2021 NCDVD Institute has begun. In your kindness please keep these new Vocation Dir…
35 days ago
NCDVD @ncdvd
RT @diocesanpriest: Happy inaugural feast day of, Blessed Michael McGivney, founder of @KofC What difference will you make with the gifts…
50 days ago
NCDVD @ncdvd
RT @godsplaining: On-site at the Seminary of the Immaculate Conception, Fr. Patrick and Fr. Joseph-Anthony unpack why Catholic Churches are…
56 days ago
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RT @PillarCatholic: Maybe you have some experience with praying novenas, maybe you're even pretty good about lasting the whole nine days.…
60 days ago
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RT @RoseSullivan86: In flood-hit German town, a Catholic priest struggles to give comfort

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